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Bungmati Hiking

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A classic Newari Town, Bungmati village tour will give you to experience a traditional Newari village situated at 9 kilometers in the south part of Kathmandu. Explore the traditional houses of Newar community and experience the unique culture inherited from medieval time. Though these villages have close propinquity to Kathmandu valley, they are untouched by modernity and become a perfect location for cultural tourist. Bungmati is the farming village of Newars and it’s a living museum and recalls medieval times.

Bungmati is the birthplace of Rato Machindranath (the God of Rain), regarded as the patron of the valley, and the large Shikhara style temple in the center of the village square is his home for six months of the year. Machindranath spends the rest of his time in Patan. The process of moving him around Patan and backward and forwards to Bungamati is central to one of the most important annual festivals in the valley. Cultural Newari dances, such as the dhime dance and Devi dance, Newari food, such as Newar pancake (woh), a sweet steamed dumpling filled with molasses and sesame (yomari) and strong Nepali wine (ayla), crafts, music and the towns mustard production were all on display.

The rural society of Newars who live here are mostly dependent on agriculture and much of their daily activities take place outside of their dwellings. There are women sitting outside spinning, men crushing seeds, and other daily activities. The village is famous for its unusual mustard-oil harvesting process in which a heavy wooden beam is used to crush the mustard seeds in order to extract the oil. It is believed that a shared system was used in the past here. This oil can be consumed if desired, but it can also be used for therapeutic massage. This was also the first village, indeed the first habitation, to be electrified, before Kathmandu.

In the center is a three-storage temple, Sri Rudrayani, with a particularly wide main street, especially for a village of such small size. Khokana has been nominated to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, representing a vernacular village and its mustard-oil seed industrial heritage.

Bungmati is charming Newari cultural village which was badly damaged by the destructive earthquake in 1934 A.D. The 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake was one of the worst earthquakes in the history of Nepal and Bihar, India. During this full day excursion, you will encounter many farmers lacing up hay mats, herdsmen cattle, women spinning wools, farmer cultivating fields and more. Shree Rudrayani Devi or Shekala Mai Temple carries the ancient history of Bungmati village.

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